Making Your Offer

Exclusively Buyers Inc ( EBI Canada ) delivers a distinct competitive advantage when negotiating the purchase of your new home.  EBI agents work exclusively for home buyers.  We have no economic dependency on other real estate agents, be they listing agents, buyer agents, or prominent listing teams.  That's important.   We pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate on behalf of our clients.  Being independent supports a stronger negotiating stance.

We will dig through historical records for both the home in question and the surrounding neighbourhood.  Relationships between days ( weeks, months, years ) on the market, listing prices, and final selling prices are analyzed.  A complete understanding of the history is critical to a successful negotiation. 

Emotion is the other key ingredient to successful negotiation.  Can you walk away, or are you so emotionally invested in the home that you just have to have it?  That's what the listing agent is hoping for.  Identifying a second home of comparable interest allows a buyer to disengage from the emotional investment.  There is no more successful strategy in real estate buying than a reverse auction.