Starting the Search

Exclusively Buyers Inc ( EBI Canada ) is an excellent starting point for anyone planning a local move.  Exclusive buying agents are in a preferred position to search and negotiate the acquisition of your new home.  We are also uniquely qualified to connect you with the listing agent best suited to selling your current home. 

For buyers who prefer to start the search themselves, all publicly listed homes are displayed on  Open houses can also be an integral component of a home search.  Caveat emptor - the listing agent stands to make double the commission if you can be convinced to buy that particular home.  Keep in mind that the listing agent is working for the vendor, and is committed to getting the highest possible price.  It is impossible to truly represent opposite sides in any real estate transaction.

Once working with EBI, you will have access to another source of homes - homes that are not currently listed for sale.  You may have been keeping your eye on a neighbourhood, or a specific home, waiting patiently to see a "For Sale" sign.  We are specialists at unsolicited enquiry on behalf of our clients.  Home owners appreciate that there is no intent to list the home for sale.  As a consequence, your interest is received as being sincere and worthy of serious consideration.

At EBI, we recommend that your search for a new home begins well before your current home is listed for sale.  Our agents are happy to work with you during your preliminary search.