Our Code of Conduct

Exclusively Buyers Inc ( EBI Canada ) is a member in good standing of the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Ontario Real Estate Association, and the Oakville and Milton District Real Estate Board.  We subscribe to, and actively promote all principles laid down by these organizations.  EBI is licensed by the Real Estate Council of Ontario and governed by the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act of 2002. 

Managing the potential for conflict of interest is paramount to our value proposition.  Every employee has the fiduciary duty to align their interests fully and completely with our home buying clientele.  Therefore, all licensed employees of EBI commit to the following two rules of personal conduct:

1.  No employee shall engage in listing a residential property for sale, or represent a home owner in that regard.  We are, and must remain, exclusive buying agents.

2.  No employee shall buy, sell, or develop single family residential real estate for personal financial gain.  No employee shall own single family residential real estate for any reason, save for personal use for themselves and/or related family members.